Frequently Asked Questions

Interested in joining the Monarch family but have a few questions? We’ve compiled a list of the most common to help you through the process:

What happens after my application has been submitted?

The Company will compile all the applications received for the position. The applications will be reviewed to identify the candidates whose skills, education and experience meet the requires of the open position.

Candidates who have been selected to move on to the next step in our process will be contacted to further evaluate their knowledge, skills and abilities as they relate to the position.

The Company strives to identify the candidate who is the best qualified and offer that person the job. If you are not selected for a specific position, please do not be discouraged. The Company will continue to post other job opportunities. Your qualifications may very well make you the ideal candidate for another position.

How do I withdraw my application?

If you change your mind and wish to withdraw from the hiring process, please call the Company at 417-235-3628 or send an email to to affirm your intention to withdraw from the process.

Is drug screening included in the application and interview process?

Drug screens and medical exams are not included in application/interview process but are part of the on-boarding process and pre-hire activities.

If I have a criminal record, can I still apply?

You can still apply; please be sure to be honest on your application. Various forms of background checks are conducted during the hiring process.

What if I have a disability that prevents me from using your application process?

If you have a disability that requires reasonable accommodation for our application process, please call the Company at 417-235-3628.

Can I apply without applying for a specific job?

No, the application is completed through an applicant tracking system which requires you to apply for a specific position.

Can I make changes to an application after I have submitted it?

You are not able to make changes to the application after you have submitted it. You may, however, submit additional information to be included with your application by sending it to

Can I submit different resumes and cover letters to different jobs for which I apply?

Most positions do not require an applicant to submit a resume or cover letter, but you may attach a new resume and/or cover letter with each application you submit.

Do I have to re-apply each time I see a job that I’m interested in?

Yes. You need to apply directly for each job in which you’re interested.

What if I don’t have an email account?

An email account is helpful for applying for a job with the Company. During the process, communications may be sent to you via email. Free email accounts can be acquired through Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail. If you choose to use one of these or other unprotected sources, please do so at your own discretion and utilize security caution. We do not endorse, maintain or secure these sites.

How do I complete an application for a position with the Company?

The application is located through the Open Job Opportunities link on the Human Resources page. The application cannot be printed and completed by hand.

When does the Company accept applications?

The Company accepts applications for specific job openings that are posted through the Open Job Opportunities link on this website.

What do I do if I have additional questions?

You may contact the Company at 417-235-3628 or